Muus BCN

Muus is an emerging contemporary jewellery brand, which designs and makes its handcrafted collections in Barcelona. The brand was created at the end of 2014 by the industrial designer Marina Preixens. After working in a design studio in Holland, she was able to explore a more handcrafted form of creative work and began to take an interest in jewellery. Muus is a youthful brand, with a fresh style, boasting several collections which all have their own style, whilts retaining the Muus elegance. The brand’s timeless designs are based on simple and geometric forms and it is always on the look out for new materials and finishings. The pieces showcase natural beauty and are created in a responsible way, following the slowlife movement. High quality pieces that are designed to last. The brand’s creator and designer was a semi-finalist in the professional category at the Enjoia’t 2016 awards.



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