Citysens was first created in Tarragona in 2015 when the team saw how many of the people living in cities did not have the time or the space to enjoy nature, neither at home or at work. Therefore, using design and technology, Citysens came up with the solution to bring people that bit closer to nature. Citysens is a company that works with social and environmental responsibility, whose mission is to have a positive impact on society. Hence, the vertical garden is manufactured in Spain and assembled in a special work centre for disabled people.

Citysens first product is a new indoor vertical garden, with a modular and customisable design that it is also self-watering and can last for up to 30 days on its own. This product is fruit of the collaboration between the designer Pär Blanking and the studio Lucid Product Design Agency. The Citysens vertical garden design has received several awards: Delta Awards 2016, IF Awards 2017 and the European Product Design Awards 2017.


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