Extraordinary trends

La Roca Village blooms with new trends

We present the different styles and trends that will give you the perfect excuse to be in style this season.

Make yellow shine 💛

If there is a main character in this story, it’s yellow.

At first, it can seem a bit extravagant or hard to combine, but this happy and intense colour can bring vitality and energy to your looks this season.

It all started with the mustard colour that has hit hard since last season. Either you loved it or you hated it. Once you find space for this colour in your looks this season, you can broaden the horizons with other tones such as lime, pale yellow or even neon!

There are lots of options that will add shine to your wardrobe. If you dare to wear a total look, you’ll have all eyes on you. A dress from Karen Millen or a jumpsuit from Pinko is sure to make you stand out.

Quick trips

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Perfect looks for weekends

Year after year, the good weather begs for new trends. Some of this season’s looks should be your best friends, and are great to for a perfect weekend outfit. Backs covered, ruffles, comfortability and many more this spring!

1. Bigger is better

Shopper totes and cross-body bags have always been a must-have – until now. Bags are now getting bigger and they are an even better option.

2. Ruffles

If there’s a piece that must be in our wardrobe, it’s the skirt with ruffles. This item is sure to save you on more than one occasion.

A silver skirt from Pinko with some high heels is the perfect combination for every occasion.

3. Keep it in check

This season, gingham is the new must-have print. Usually it’s in black and white, we have also seen it in every shade from pink and red to blue.

4. Always comfortable

Seasons ago, trainers were presented as the shoes to be used for everything and were immediately incorporated into our outfits. The trend was a huge hit, which is why we weren’t surprised to see them being combined with skirts or other pieces.


5. Layers

This season, say yes to layers.

By effortlessly combining the elegant with the basic, this trend lets our imagination fly. It allows you to create an infinite number of looks by playing with all kind of shapes, styles, fabrics and textures.

Try layering cotton T-shirts under tops and dresses in satin, lace or metallics. This way of combining allows you to reinvent way you wear pieces and extend their possibilities. Whatever the fabric or print, we set the limit.

The best for each ocasion

Wear the latest spring trends to every event this season and be at the cutting-edge of fashion.

Looking elegant is compatible with spring trends and the coming seasons. Stay on-trend with fresh looks and be the perfect guest.

Bring vitality to your celebrations with pink and yellow tones – they are the biggest colour trends for the season together with transparent fabrics and lace. Plus, frills – present on skirts, trousers and even sleeves – are going to be a safe bet for every occasion

Top trends

This spring, yellow, layering, transparent fabrics and flower-printed pieces are hitting our wardrobes!

Spring at La Roca Village

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Dress up with style

We have selected the star pieces for you this season so you don’t miss anything! You’re sure to stand out wherever you go!