Would you like to find out what the trends for this spring will be? We have been watching the street-style looks from recent fashion weeks and they feature pastel colours, prints (from tropical flowers to pop art), logos and the reinvention of the romantic blouse.

These are just some of the trends that you can already find in the Village, with reductions of up to 60% on the recommended retail price.

Make this spring your very own fashion week! Love fashion.


Logo fever has started! How many times have you identified a brand from its initials only? This season, logos speak for themselves: in different formats, sizes and colours, and on all kinds of garments.


It is said that love blooms in spring, so visit La Roca Village to find your romantic look. Free-flowing and, in some cases, semi-transparent blouses are the feminine and delicate touch that your wardrobe needs this spring.

Pretty in Pastels

The pastel trend is deploying its entire palette of ice-cream colours this season, from lavender through rose to the softest yellows and greens. Big brands, such as Calvin Klein, Furla, Michael Kors and Sandro, have already used these colours on their catwalks and now it's your turn! Find the sweetest and most appealing hues at La Roca Village.

Head-to-toe denim

The denim trend has arrived at the Village from the mines of California. Dress yourself in denim from head to toe: a 100% denim look, including accessories – and if you opt for dark tones, even better! Get out on the street in your new 'urban uniform'!

If in doubt, red!

Red has been a key colour this winter and it will undoubtedly be one of the colours during spring too as it fills the Village with energy, passion, happiness, love and strength. This is the power of red: it will make you the centre of attention.

Colour is here!

Add a touch of fun and colour to your outfits with the new patterns this season. The options are endless: the arty Warholian touch, polka dots, all kinds of flowers (tropical, vintage…) and much more. Discover them all in La Roca Village this weekend.

Oh là là… C’est Vichy!

From France comes gingham, which sometimes bears the same name as the city where it was born, Vichy. Always white combined with different colours, whether black, red or blue, this pretty fabric is perfect for the new season thanks to its lightweight feel. Everyone will be stunned.

An extraordinary shopping day