Summer Lounge

The summer lounges from Ibiza have become mainstream. This year the best live music and relaxing sunsets take place at La Roca Village. Get wrapped up in fashion in a unique space and enjoy all the activities that our Summer Lounge will host.

Live music

This summer, the soundtrack of La Roca Village takes us to different settings and countries.

From the multicultural influences of Brazilian music to tunes with high-energy beats by way of sweet versions of the latest pop hits or the soul of the saxophone.

Be surprised by the live music in the Village this summer and let the notes carry you away.


Treat yourself to a massage at the hands of the experts at Orogold, the company which uses pure gold as a base for its cosmetic products. Throughout history the famous and fortunate have trusted in the power of this precious metal in their beauty treatments. The “nano-gold” particles penetrate the skin to leave it hydrated, healthy, radiant and youthful.

Enjoy an exfoliating scrub massage. You are in the best hands!

When and where? Consult the La Roca Village Summer Fest programme.

What did you miss in July?

If you are one of those who didn't come, you still have the whole month of August to enjoy La Roca Village Summer Fest.


“Don’t step on my… feet when I’m wearing flip-flops”, especially when we are talking about customised Havaianas. Convert your flip-flops from the Brazilian firm into a unique pair with pins and other accessories with any shoe purchase in their store. It just isn’t summer without Havaianas!

And if you are a Privilege member, you can enjoy 50% off the recommended retail price during the event, from 17.00 h to 19.00 h.