Summer trends

Discover the new trends that are a must-have for this new year and find them in the more than 140 boutiques at La Roca Village with savings up to 70% off the recommended retail price.

From Marigold yellow to tie-dye and natural craft, these are the styles that will stand out in the fashion world of 2019.

Natural craft

Choose wisely, choose natural. This year the sustainability is more conscious than ever and also in fashion: neutral tones, organic materials… Eco-trends for the power!

Born to tie-dye

Born with the Woodstock spirit, on 2019 the tie-dye is a must have inside and outside the music festivals. Join the psycodelic tren!

Follow the marigold road

Marigold is one of this season’s brightest trends, and you can follow its path all summer long! Charge your looks with this happy, vibrant, fun and optimistic hue. This yellow road won’t take you to Oz, it’ll take you straight to La Roca Village, where you’ll find essentials in this ‘It’ colour.

Tropical paradise

The incursions of fashion in the tropical world no longer have prints of watermelons or pineapples, but show the essence of these paradises through its color palette - green, yellow, orange, red - that dyes all the costumes.

Long life sorbet colours!

One more year, the naïve touch of the season is given by the sorbet colors: baby yellow, cotton candy pink, mint green, lavender lilac... Refreshing colors for the spring!