“The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally to die for”. Michael Kors neatly summarises why accessories are so essential for nailing summer style, and at La Roca Village you’ll discover a curated selection of pieces to give your summer looks a lift.

Aina Barcelona

Aina Barcelona is a local jewelry brand founded by Aina a decade ago. Every single jewel is designed, created and handcrafted by artisans in Barcelonian workshops. Along with the silver collections to be found online and in store at the boutique located at the traditional Sant Gervasi neighbourhood of Barcelona, customers can commission exclusive and personalised jewels. Aina likes to have a personal relationship with her clients, offering a sensory experience where they can touch and feel until identifying completely with one of the pieces offered by her at the atelier.



An-da was born from the passion for exploring and understanding creativity as a nomadic state. Designed with the essence of Barcelona in mind and manufactured in Italy, their scarves stand out for the colourful explosion of their singular prints. Designed by their team, each scarf becomes a piece of art when combined with natural fibres like silk. Each design is an artistic expression of their creators, the collections are inspired by the cultures and evocations collected in their travels. An-Da is also committed to sustainability, fair trade and ethical fashion, producing exclusively with natural materials, under proper working conditions and environmental protection.


Feel Wood was born in Barcelona, by two brothers with an entrepreneurial and sustainable spirit, wanting to change the traditional and design different watches, watches made of natural wood with interchangeable belts. The brand offers exclusive watches with minimalist and elegant designs, taking care of the details of each of their pieces. In addition, behind this product there is an awareness of the environment and climate change. That is why, for the purchase of a Feel Wood, part of the income is destined to a tree planting association, specifically One Tree Planted.



Hemper is a sustainable fashion brand involved in the slow fashion resolution. The entire Hemper production process is done using traditional textile techniques and materials from Nepal. We want to capture the essence of the country in our product and contribute to the development of disadvantaged communities. The packaging of all backpacks are bags of rice reused from Nepal.


María Pascual

Maria Pascual is a global jewelry brand established in the heart of Barcelona and founded by Maria, the owner and designer of the brand. Her entrepreneurial spirit made her follow her instincts, and her dream of making every women out there feel empowered and self-confident in her affordable unique jewels became true. Inspired by her many travels around the world, Maria has since been through an exciting journey all the way from being a small business to becoming an internationally renowned brand. The original handmade creations plated in gold are conceived to be mixed and matched in order to create looks that can work for every occasion, becoming, when worn, an extension of every girl’s personality.


Mónica Abril

After falling in love with fabrics and all things handmade, Monica Abril decided to create her own brand under her name in 2014. She offers a bags and purses made locally, with a character of being practical and functional, all values highly regarded by her clients. With a soft colour palette, she aims to present her collection as a perfect choice for the day.


NUNU Barcelona

NUNU Barcelona’s bet is on high quality, gold plated jewellery. The background as an architect and previous experiences in different continents of Nuria Aragonés, creator of the brand, are reflected in her designs, where she combines the exaltation of feminine beauty with functionality. Through a wide variety of designs, she represents different facets of the “NUNU woman”.

Project Lobster

Óscar Valledor decided to start Project Lobster in 2016 with the aim of changing the traditional premium eyewear sector, offering quality eyewear with an affordable price. From design to production, the entire process is carried out by the firm, enabling the competitive price that characterizes them and collaborating with local artists from different disciplines. With limited productions, taking care of even the smallest detail, they perfectly mix elegance and efficiency.



Born from the union of fashion and decoration and with a strong inspiration in the classic femme parisienne from the early 20th century. The DNA of the brand is its artisan process. All the products are handmade at the workshops in Spain with the best materials. If something makes a Tecla piece special, is the opportunity each client has to be part of the design process, resulting in a customisation of the product.



As an independent brand of sunglasses, Visionario is always ahead of fashion trends, bringing a variety of contemporary models and eye-catching colour palettes every season, without forgetting people who still loves old-time classics. Making sure to always produce each of pair sunglasses with the highest quality lens and acetates, Visionario believes in democratising quality fashion eyewear by offering prices suitable for everyone. Born in Barcelona, their flagship store is located in Argenteria street, right in the heart of the city, aiming to show their values.