Local design for distant journeys: the comfort, design and craftsmanship of the footwear that you’ll find in the Village this summer will ensure your feet are happy wherever you wander.

Alohas Sandals

Alohas sandals is a brand with the goal to inspire the endless summer through their products and content. Their products are designed by their team in Barcelona and handcrafted in Spain. They aim back to basics, trying to put a twist on the traditional espardille. Alohas innovates and reinvents itself following the latest trends year after year.



Åpoint was born to offer men’s shoes of the highest quality. From couture-quality silk to rich Italian leather, its products embody intention and integrity, rooted deeply in heritage. Its designs are a clear example of the reincarnation of the classic paying special attention to details, from the treatment of materials to the finishing. They partner with trusted, skilled craftsman and source premium materials to create best-in-class pieces.


Ball Pagès

Established in Ibiza in the spring of 2013, this brand constantly bears in mind binomials such as tradition and modernity, nature and architecture, craftsmanship and art, solidarity and commitment, concepts that form the foundation of Ball Pagès. With the aim of perpetuating this philosophy, they continually train new artisans, sharing traditional know-how along with the evolution and new techniques learned over recent years in order to continue offering treasures to the world. Their espadrilles are unique, sustainable, exclusive, handmade and faithful to tradition, a fair-trade brand committed to social solidarity.



Kinetik Supply was created in Barcelona as a high-quality footwear brand, producing handmade shoes designed from the heart (and the foot). Local and sustainable materials are used to create their products; the soles are made of natural, perfumed rubber that is recyclable. The composition of the uppers is 100% heavyweight cotton, which produces a breathable, fresh and odour-free shoe. There are also high-quality leather options to ensure customers have the best footwear year round. Kinetik not only produces flexible, light and elegant footwear, the brand is also a way of dressing: elegant, urban and conscious of the ecosystem and the environment.


María Albertín

María Albertín is a young and inspiring brand that creates bags and women shoes made in Spain. Handmade with the best leathers, each bag is unique thanks to the mastery of the artisans, giving each bag the character, simplicity, practicality and timeless design expressed in modern lines. The shoes are made thinking about comfort of the individual. As every woman is different, the brand offers the option of customising each bag with a special line of straps, an opportunity to create a unique bag and express the personality of each woman.


Pölka Shoes

Pölka Shoes is the product of three siblings’ passion for design, comfort and handmade products. Simplicity, naturalness, timelessness, elegance, balance and quality are the values upon which they base all their collections. They draw inspiration from minimalism and are skilled at identifying the essential and stripping away the superfluous. They love craftsmanship for its quality and detail and they adore art for its capacity to transmit emotions.



Rice is a sustainable brand founded in Barcelona that was created with the aim of bringing artisan footwear into step with modern design and fashion, combining the past with the future and blending traditional Mediterranean footwear with today’s trends, innovation and luxury.



After a visit to Thailand involving hundreds of hours walking with heavy backpacks, this group of young adults came home with their shoes destroyed and the bright idea of developing the most versatile shoe on the market, uniting the characteristics of many types of footwear into a single product.



WADO was born with on main purpose: design timeless sneakers and use them as a vehicle for change, a change in our people and our planet. Their mission is to produce the sneakers partnering with suppliers that respect their workers and provide them a good working environment. Also, they ensure its production is carried out in Spain and Portugal factories. Finally, for every pair of sneakers sold they plant two trees in India and Zambia. Since they start the project they have planted more than 35.000 trees.