Dressing little ones stylishly becomes child’s play with innovative ‘made in Barcelona’ designs that break away from traditional childrenswear patterns (and stereotypes): discover these pieces and more at La Roca Village this summer.  


Anguè Anguè

Babies are the main characters in the tales written and illustrated by designer Anna Aromir every season. Her illustrations are silkscreened and embroidered in each garment, making them pieces with a story. The collections are produced in Barcelona, place of origin of the brand, with the highest quality organic cotton for 0-12 y/o girls and boys. As a novelty, the tales written by the designer can be found in the tag of each of her pieces.


Baby Bites

Baby Bites was born in 2013 trying to make baby accessories funnier. So they created the shark sack that over the years has become the flagship of the brand, achieving popularity in almost 40 countries. In a few years Baby Bites has established itself as the global brand “made in Barcelona” of practical and everyday accessories for babies that every cool mother and father wants to have in their life.


Bean's Barcelona

Bean’s Barcelona was born in 2010 as the result of the experience in the world of multi-brand stores and motherhood. With deep Mediterranean roots, its collections are always based on soft cotton fabrics, luminous and powdery colours, comfortable garments and fresh prints. The bet is always on natural fibre fabrics and local design and production. Thanks to the synergy of the women who form the team at Bean’s, in 2018 the brand has taken a new step forward and has fully committed to become 100% ecofriendly, having included organic cotton as the main fabric for their collections.


Micu Micu

Micu Micu is a clothing and accessories brand for babies and children up to 4 years old. All the products are manufactured in Igualada (Catalonia) using organic fabrics. Their collections flees from the classic pink or blue to unisex colours and very current soft prints.



Part of ‘Lovely handmade in Barcelona’, this baby brand designer loves making whimsical accessories and started out creating gifts for her first-time-mum friends. The collection steadily evolved into Minicoton, whose products set trends by focusing on functionality and high quality finishes. The brand’s values are producing quality items and commitment to local production, using 100% cotton printed fabrics, including a high-density terry cloth and an exclusive sheared cotton. They are always thinking about the babies’ wellbeing and pleasing the senses with the tones and textures. They make the everyday essentials into very special accessories.