We haven’t forgotten homeware and beauty fans! This summer you’ll also find unique designs for your home and pampering skincare products made in nearby Montseny Natural Park.

Ia & Lia

Ia&lia is the passion project of two sisters from Barcelona, creating tailor-made crockery that takes both the current trends and the importance of local production under consideration. They design and manufacture crockery and all types of ceramic accessories to decorate your table. New challenges thrill them, which is why they design exclusive pieces for the home, restaurants, hotels or even personalised wedding gifts. Do you have an idea you want to see turned into reality? Ask them and they’ll make your dreams come true.



Lampanot is a design by Cristina Borràs inspired in the wellknown Barcelona’s symbol, the Panot tile. The design has been awarded with the Premi Talent 3D 2016 in the Premis Talent contest carried out by Empren E2, which focuses on unveiling and promoting local talent. Produced by Faro Barcelona.



Minuet is a vegan and artisan cosmetics brand founded in the Mediterranean region. They have been inspired by ancient rituals of beauty and natural herbal remedies. Their adage is simplicity and minimalism. As a result of that, they have conceived a unique daily body care line for the entire family. The formulas used in the collection consist of very few high quality ingredients, such as organic vegetable oils, natural essential oils or clays. Each product is handcrafted in the Montseny Natural Park and all the packaging has been designed and produced locally in Barcelona.


Walk with me maps

Founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Pablo Baqué & Deira Reina, Walk with me is a design studio specialised in designing tailored and unique maps and guides. They have collaborated with over 20 international illustrators to create their map collections in London, Barcelona and Madrid, and some of their current design partnerships include Heineken, Cannes Lions and Barcelona Council.