Attention to detail, sustainability and coolness are some of the defining features of the swimwear you’ll find in the Village during July and August. Discover beautiful beachwear essentials this season at La Roca Village.



Bohodot has found a place within the trend of signature creations, away from uniformity. It’s no coincidence that commitment to uniqueness and quality never go out of fashion. Believing in the value of 100% made in Barcelona, mother and daughter have come together to create feminine, personal and exclusive collections made with love. The romantic spirit of the collection was born in the small details and the care aimed at people who appreciate quality, design and things well done. Every bikini is produced in local workshops certified ethical and sustainable along with packaging made out of natural materials.


Camila CTG


Camila CTG was established in 2013 in Barcelona as a limited-edition swimwear brand for women. Camila specifically works with high quality fabrics, pursuing feminine forms, comfort and exclusivity. Her swimsuits are singular and timeless, merging colours and textures in harmony, with an intent to communicate beauty even in the simplest details. Design and production process are handmade, supporting sustainable fashion and local production.


Marino Barcelona


When the founder became a mother, she looked for brands offering swimsuits matching outfits for father and sons. She realized this was missing in the kids fashion industry and decided to create it by herself. Marino is an online brand founded in Barcelona in 2014. The swimsuits are designed looking after the latest trends in prints and produced with fast-drying fabrics.


Robin Collection


Robin is a swimwear firm from Barcelona and it was founded by Alejandra and Manuel with the main objective to unleash their most creative side. They design swimsuits for young and natural girls, finding inspiration in the freshness of summer. Its collections are characterized by pieces with simple lines and striking colours and the production is carried out in different workshops in the province of Barcelona.