Behind each of the brands visiting the Village this summer is a story of craftmanship, sustainability and attention to detail that makes every one of their creations unique.

By Cléa


By Cléa has created a collection of party dresses combining trends, simplicity, elegance and femininity. Each design is simple, without overloads, embracing feminine curves and fitting the woman’s silhouette. They pretend all women can feel free, independent and sure of themselves while wearing their clothes in an event. Focusing on ethical production and making efforts on contributing to the local economy, every step of the process - from design to manufacture - is carried out in Barcelona.



Designers Society


They believe every garment is much more than something we wear. That’s why there is a story behind every Designers Society adventure. They collaborate with creatives in different disciplines such as graphic designers, product designers, bloggers or photographers. As it is important for them to be part of a multidisciplinary team in which different stimulating points of view convert. Their clothes are a reflection of the love for beauty and collaborations between designers from all over the world. They believe that when you bring different creative minds together you get something inspiring.




The soul of Hale are two sisters from Barcelona that aim they are not yet another activewear brand. It is a passion project to empower women to feel their best, because life is complicated enough to dress uncomfortably. Their clothes are designed having real people in mind: people who work, sweat, and move on the go. Also the balance that offers Barcelona such as historic and modern, global and local, land and sea...has given them the inspiration required to carry out their designs.


Ika editions


Ika is a Barcelonian brand launched in 2015 distinguished by its timeless designs and the sobriety of colours and richness of textures in their fabrics. The brand has launched 13 capsule editions with great commercial success to date and is about to launch the capsule 14, in collaboration with French graphic artist Philippe Mermi. Ika has its own store in Barcelona and points of sale both in national and international markets.




Laagam is an affordable luxury fashion brand founded in Barcelona. Each piece of clothing is produced in the Iberian Peninsula with a fast-fashion approach, including tight control of suppliers and minimized lead times. The brand uses premium materials from local suppliers which are crafted in family owned ateliers from the luxury segment. Laagam also differentiates for being a digital native vertical brand which has built a community around itself.


Lua Barcelona


Cristina Massot established her brand almost oblivious to it when she shared in a trip to California the dresses she crafted in Mexico. After coming back to Barcelona, LUA took shape with more sophisticated and mature materials, also evolving to new shapes: long dresses, kimonos skirts… LUA is an ode to femininity, playing with seduction and elegance.




Pitagora was created in 2012 as an alternative fashion brand. Its designs are dominated by straight lines, simplicity combined with colours and geometrical forms. “Not only do we like making fashion, we like to transmit values. Handmade local products all manufactured in Barcelona with all the dedication necessary for us never to compromise on quality.” All their products are unisex; at PITAGORA taste overrides gender. “If you like something and you want to wear it because it makes you feel good, no label or classification should dissuade you from putting it on.”



Teoh & Lea


Teoh & Lea’ s brand is born due to the love and expertise they have for knitwear. Even though there is hard work and dedication behind each garment, they intentionally seek a simple image. They aren´t just interested in impeccable technical development, they want the garments to have their own “soul”, conveying an emotion, an attitude, a personality. The brand is aimed at sensitive woman, connected with the fashion world, who knows how to appreciate special garments and details, and who wants to feel beautiful, but without going over the top. For our brand, attitude is very important, the way every garment is worn. A warm and natural fashion, that can be combined both for everyday wear and for special occasions, what we call a “casual chic” style.


Thinking Mu


A male and female clothing brand based on a positive attitude. The intrinsic Mediterranean spirit of Barcelona has been part of our education ever since birth. Our philosophy is to live life to the utmost. We are passionate about maintaining authenticity, letting our spirit dance to great music, filling our hearts with art and culture, and always sharing these moments surrounded by our friends. We can only exist by respecting life and nature. Our beliefs are communicated with humour, creativity and transparency.


Valentina Garí


The young designer decided to launch her own brand so the sophisticated women who were invited to weddings and dreamed with uncomplicated designs. Her collections are defined by their simplicity and serenity of the lines, fresh fabrics with unique colours. The brand conveys a youthful and free spirit.