Ingrid Pou

Ingrid Pou combines the design of her own line of accessories with collaborations with other designers.  In her designs, she constantly plays with the concepts of what is classifiable and unclassifiable, which searches to unify the silhouettes of both sexes, through a position that allows adapting to a society in constant change. She has worked as the assistant for Martin Lamothe, in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (F/W 2013-14). Furthermore, in the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, she has worked for Josep Abril (F/W 2014-15, Best Designer Award), for Guillem Rodríguez in the Vulnérable collection (F/W 2014) and for Isometric in the Psique collection (F/W 2014-15, Winner of the Best Emerging Designer Award). She has also ventured into the world of cinema with Claudio Marzá where she designed and produced a special costume for a short film by Ayoub Qanir.


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