Fire & Bread

Fire&Bread has been created as a fast casual restaurant. A stylish venue with international projection. Our cuisine is based on two concepts: Fire and Bread.

Fire is the heart of the food concept and bread is the vehicle. While fire gives authenticity and flavour thanks to the real holm oak charcoal, bread brings tradition and quality.

Fire&Bread is a restaurant with a trendy atmosphere where attention is given even to the smallest detail so that the experience is unique. A versatile open space for breakfast, lunch, dinner or enjoy an aperitif. A complete gastronomic experience based on natural seasonal ingredients.

The sandwiches offered range from a salmon bagel, through a halal turkey sandwich on polar bread, to typical burgers but made with the best beef or the club sandwich, not forgetting the classic baguette sandwich with ibérico ham.

The great new items are toasties made with double fermentation bread and bread bowls. There are toasties for vegetarians, for meat-lovers with a 100%-beef tartar or the classic bacon and cheese version.

Bread bowls are a fun way to enjoy a fondue, or a creamy vegetable or seafood soup. To end any meal, desserts are a must and at Fire&Bread we tempt you with yoghurt and red fruits, ice-cream, seasonal fruit with lemon cream, cheesecake and the house speciality: chocolate, olive oil and salt toast.

See the menu here.

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*There are vegetarian and halal-friendly dishes.