Top tips for a successful interview

1. Ensure you research our company culture and become familiar with all the brands and Villages in Europe and China.

2. First impressions count, so leave yourself plenty of time to dress professionally and appropriately for the interview and according to the brand that is meeting you.

3. Be punctual: it shows interest in the position.

4. Be prepared to talk about the skills relevant to your desired role honestly (do not pretend) and discuss possible misgivings. Talk about the salary at the end and not at the beginning; it can be counter-productive.

5. Have at leastone copy of your CV to hand and take time to write a precise cover letter, this will make you stand out from the other candidates. However, when preparing for a job fair, be sure you have enough copies of your CV so you can apply for different positions.

6. Think about your body language and always be engaged and open for conversation. The appropriate body language includes showing positivity, interest, motivation, being open to conversation, smiling and keeping eye contact with the interviewer.