The original Buff was created in 1991, when motorcycle enthusiast and textile expert Juan Rojas came up with a simple seamless microfibre garment that could be worn at least 12 different ways in both warm and cold conditions.

From trial runners to Olympians, divers to motorcyclists, the original Buff is worn all over the world by countless athletes. It’s an insulating face mask on the ski slopes, a sweat band on the trails, a neck protector in the heat or a scarf in the cold. When you’re riding or skiing it can go under your helmet, in dusty conditions it will protect your face, or if you just need a headband, the Buff is your best friend.

Today, Buff produce a diverse range of accessories alongside the much-loved original Buff. From stylish knitted hats to canine Buffs for your four-legged friends – there’s a Buff for every adventure.