Backpacks and briefcases

Whether you’re looking something office-appropriate or casual for the weekend, there’s a bag for you. At La Roca Village you can update your wardrobe with backpacks and briefcases from your favorite brands, all at irresistible prices.

€800 €480
Brown striped briefcase
€365 €219
Grey and black print backpack
€415 €249
Grey print backpack
€160 €96
Grey print fanny pack
€515 €345
Black computer brief
Montblanc Men's Grey Camouflage Backpack
€965 €651,38
Camouflage Backpack
€356 €232
Navy blue briefcase
€430 €260
Dark blue backpack man
€190 €115
Beige shoulder strap man
Montblanc Men's Blue Camouflage Document Case
€965 €651,38
Camouflage Document Case
€39 €26
Black and blue belt pouch