ChangeGroup - Tax Refund and Money Exchange office

ChangeGroup: Tax Refund and Money Exchange office, is an international firm founded in 1992 in the United Kingdom, which has operated at Bicester Village since 2012.

The ChangeGroup boutique collaborates with all tax-free sales suppliers that are located in Spain.

The boutique offers the following services:
- Tax refund service* for all non-European guests.
- Currency exchange both for the national and international guests.
- ATM inside the ChangeGroup boutique.
- Extended opening hours of the boutique until 9.30pm.


*Terms and conditions:
Requirements for the guest:
- Live outside of the EU.
- Have a valid passport and have it with them on the day.
- Have a valid credit card (minimum validity of six months).
- Send the form back in the envelope provided after obtaining a customs stamp at their EU exit point.
- Post the form back to the relevant tax-free provider within 21 days of receiving the cash refund.