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Frankfurt or Munich? You can not go on a getaway without going through La Roca Village and choosing the perfect looks to discover its most special corners.


A city without a soul full of bankers with ties? The reputation of the second financial city of Europe, let's face it, is not too good. However, an imposing architecture, a culinary scene of first level and its unexpected touches of humor (yes, of humor) will convince you that in this city there is much to do without the need to wear a tie.

For: the seekers of secrets in febrile cities.

A ritual that you can not miss in Frankfurt? You can not leave Frankfurt without trying its famous Apfelwein (apple wine), which is drunk in a glass but especially in the famous Bembel (carafe), pure or mixed with lemonade or soda water.

Any unspeakable secret? In the most serious city in Europe, the most unusual and funny things can happen, such as finding an anonymous tree next to an idyllic lake... peeing. This work of art has been installed in an old maple tree whose plaque can read a dark revenge: "For 300 years everyone pee on me, from now on I am the one who does it".

Where do I get the photo of the trip? From the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) you will have the most spectacular views of the Frankfurt skyline. The so-called "Mainhatten", in reference to Manhattan New York and that by crossing the river "Main" receives that name, is full of superb buildings such as the Westend Tower, the European Central Bank and of course, the iconic Main Tower.

Where do I pay tribute? Undoubtedly, in the Kleinmarkthalle, a gastronomic market that opened its doors for the first time in 1954 and a true Frankfurt institution.

Where do I go shopping? Surrounded by Bavarian castles and forts, the Wertheim Village is a fairytale place, where the medieval towers and shields place us in a time of capes and swords, of duels and ladies. With more than 130 national and international brands and savings of up to 60%, it is a true shopping paradise, surrounded by forests and mountains.


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Synonym for Oktoberfest and beer, Munich has branded itself with a reputation as a vibrant party city where art, culture and the good life come together almost flawlessly. Destination of the bon vivants, art lovers and free spirits, Munich will surprise you with its irresistible optimism and energy. Are you ready for the “Aka München” experience?

For: festive souls and free spirits.

A ritual that can’t be missed? In Bavaria, beer is a central part of the culture and knowing how to drink it a total art form: grab your Maß (1-litre stein) with just one hand and make a toast with it while looking deeply into the eyes of all the other parishioners. 

The trip photograph? We have no doubt, the photo of the urban surfers doing somersaults over the “wave” of the Eisbach River, right in the middle of the city centre. 

A stroll around the city, anyone? Try to be like those from Munich and grab a bike to check out the city. It’s practically flat and with more than 1200 kilometres of bike paths, Munich is the perfect city for a bike ride. Don’t miss out on the Schwabing area, known as “the artists” neighbourhood and the most bohemian of the city.

And if I do something a bit….extravagant? Like having sausages and beer for breakfast? Wish come true, although here in Munich, this is pretty normal.  

Where do I do my shopping? Less than an hour away from the multicultural city of Munich we find Ingolstadt Village: beautiful boutiques, spacious boulevards and a vibrant atmosphere where you’ll feel all the magic of this German region. Treat yourself to something, try one of the local specialties and soak up this unique experience in the heart of Bavaria.

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