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Milan or Barcelona?

Milan or Barcelona? You can not go on a getaway without going through La Roca Village and choosing the perfect looks to discover its most special corners.

For the fashion and “made in Italy” enthusiasts or for connoisseurs, “foodies” and art-lovers.


Not only will we guide you through the most authentic Milan but also the most daring, extravagant, and of course the most glamorous….because the northern capital of Italy is by its own merit one of the fashion epicentres of the world. Are you ready to meet Milan?   

For: the fashion and “made in Italy” enthusiasts. 

A typical ritual from Milan? An aperitif, no questions asked; a true establishment in the Italian capital of Lombardy, whose origins date back to the end of the XIX century.   

Any hidden secrets? Few people know this, but Milan has its own Statue of Liberty. You will find it among the 3200 statues that adorn the façade of the Duomo. 

And where should I stay? We’re in Milan, so why not treat yourself to a little extravagance? We recommend Hotel nhow, the hotel that has won over celebrities like Rihanna, and where the word conventional literally doesn’t exist.

What route can’t be missed? Milan is the fashion industry’s display window and you cannot leave without first taking a stroll around the famous fashion district marked by the streets surrounding Via Montenapoleone. 

Where to go to impress your travel partner? If glamour makes up part of Milan’s DNA, then the Armani Bamboo Bar is probably the place that best represents it. 

And in the city of the best dressed, you’ll have to buy something, right? We recommend  Fidenza Village, a true Italian style shopping experience: the best brands in fashion, gastronomy and a vibrant festive atmosphere where you can even witness scenes of the famous operas by Verdi… luxury in reach of all fashionistas. 


Furla Tessa Small Tote
€337 €219
Tessa Small Tote
€305 €213.50
Valentino sunglasses


There was never a better time to visit Barcelona: for its fabulous architecture, its ever alive culinary scene, its bold design or its revamped seafront. Barcelona seriously has everything to make it your perfect getaway destination this summer.     

For: connoisseurs, “foodies”, art-lovers and, in general, all of you that want it all on your getaway  

The summer ritual you can’t miss out on while in Barcelona? Fer el vermut”, the Catalan expression for having a drink and a little snack before lunch (aperitif) and almost a religion in the city of Guadí.  

What is the “it” culinary experience of the moment? Leading the way in the international gastronomy playing field, Barcelona is house to some of the most innovative restaurants in the international culinary scene. And among them the revolutionary Tickets Bar with Albert Adrià’s stamp and collaboration by the one and only Ferrán.

How much do you know about the Sagrada Familia? It is without a doubt, the most iconic monument in Barcelona and the most visited in all of Spain. Its construction started in 1892, and this basilica is surrounded by tales and peculiar legends.  

What can’t be missed? Look down! Whether you believe it or not, the pavement in Barcelona is like a canvas full of tiny pieces of work and fantastic tales. Hydraulic paving stones in hundreds of shapes and colours, mosaics, plaques…


Where should I do my shopping? A Mediterranean inspiration,  La Roca Village is a singular space that invites you to enjoy a unique shopping experience. Far away from the crowds of the city centre we find this village whose streets imitate the squares and ramblas of a Catalan city towards the end of the XIX century. The scenery is full of small details that remind us of the colourful modern architecture of Barcelona.

€42 €33
Pink sunglasses
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Brown bag

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