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La Roca Village

Paris or Brussels? You can not go on a getaway without going through La Roca Village and choosing the perfect looks to discover its most special corners.

Fluid fabrics with delicate floral prints, the most versatile backpacks to hold a full day of tourism or embroidered sneakers that will give the cool touch to your urban outfit.


The city of light has this unique ability to reinterpret itself without ceasing to be the fashion and gastronomy capital, but above all, a city where art has no boundaries. Let us be your guide and join us as we visit the most original places where art and creativity are always present.

For:  those in love with art and beauty. 

What is this exhibition that everyone is talking about? The Atelier des Lumières, has been transformed into an unheard of museum where you can find the work of Gustav Klimt projected onto 10 meter high walls. 

A Little secret? The Four Seasons George V Paris or how to contemplate other forms of art. 

The most original and artistic outing? We propose a stroll through Plantée-Coulée Verte, the first elevated park in the world (yes, even before the High Line in New York).  

What is the most Parisian summer ritual? In Paris it’s already a marked tradition; upon arrival of warm weather the sidewalk terraces take to the streets, each one competing for the best views, the best atmosphere or the best cocktail. 

Where to dine surrounded by artists? Opened in 1927, La Coupole is known for its art deco style, amazing dome and for being a favourite among artists and writers.

Where to shop? Paris is indisputably one of the world’s fashion capitals. Today we propose a visit to  La Vallée Village, a micro-universe where fashion, art and Parisian allure combine perfectly. More than 110 shops from the top brands: ba&sh, Comptoir de Cotonniers, Maje, Sandro, flank the small streets of this village that holds a most curious record: here there are more purchases made per square meter than in any other place in Europe!

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Paris grey sweatshirt

“Paris is always a good idea”

Audrey Hepburn


With its bold architecture, vibrant cultural scene and a chocolate tradition capable of transporting us to pure nirvana, we’ll show you just how mistaken Noel Gallagher (Oasis) was about Brussels 

For:  chocoholics and anyone looking to surprise themselves.

An inescapable ritual in the Flanders capital? Chocolate!! Brussels is home to more chocolate factories than any other city in the world. You will find more than 250 shops dedicated to the exquisite treat of the Gods.

Where to take the trip photo? Considered as one of the most beautiful squares in the world, La Grand Place continues to be the artistic, social and fun epicentre of the Belgian capital. Its ornamental richness and series of different styled surrounding buildings make up a palette capable of winning over even the most sceptical traveller. 

What promenade should I not miss? We propose an architectural safari through the original buildings and constructions that arose towards the end of the XIX century in the Belgian capital as a means to free themselves from the confined architectural rules of the time.   

A little secret? In the legendary city of Tintín, the famous comic is considered as if it were a “ninth art”. Natives of Brussels are without a doubt diehard Bande dessinée fans. 

¿Dónde hago las mejores compras del viaje? Maasmechelen Village, entre Amberes y Bruselas, con su irresistible estilo arquitectónico inspirado de la región de Limburgo, nos ofrece una portentosa oferta de las mejores marcas internacionales y nacionales, además de la posibilidad de experimentar los iconos s visibles de la cultura y gastronomía belga. No te olvides de descubrir el magnífico repertorio de marcas, unas internacionales, otras que solo podrás descubrir en este rincón del país belga, con descuentos de hasta un 60%.

Where to do the best shopping during my trip? Maasmechelen Village, between Antwerp and Brussels, with its irresistible architectonic style inspired in the Limburg region, offers us a magnificent array of top national and international brands, as well as offering the possibility to discover well known cultural icons and experiment with Belgian gastronomy. But, after all that, don’t forget to discover the magnificent repertoire of brand names, some international, others that you will only find here in this corner of the country, and all with discounts of up to 60%.

Furla Petalo Bella Mini Crossbody
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Bella Mini Crossbody

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