Hit the streets with the new trends in trainers

We wouldn’t have believed it if somebody had told us some time ago that trainers would be a key item for office wear.

Who could have imagined that the trend for trainers would become so widespread? From the catwalks to celebrities, they are worn with all kind of outfits.

We’ve picked a selection of the latest trends, so that your feet will be comfortable, warm and on-trend this winter.

  1. Velvet: You can find this soft fabric on every item this season: dresses, trousers, sweatshirts – even entire outfits –­ and… yes, trainers too! From Nike to Calvin Klein, everyone has joined this trend, including top influencers. 
  1. Sparkling: Let your trainers shine. But how? The options are numerous: jewels, glitter, sequins... Match them with plain-coloured items and you’ll add an original touch to your look.
  1. Platforms: This trend is sneaking into the wardrobes of both women and men. Soles get thicker and thicker, eventually turning into platforms in different colours and materials. This winter you’ll grow by a few centimetres!

Don’t take your eyes off trainers! They’ll be hitting the streets this season!