La Roca Village welcomes the first innovation laboratory 'The Smart Boutique'

From 15 to 17 November 2016, discover the boutique of the future at La Roca Village.

La Roca Village launches the first innovation laboratory with the ‘Smart Boutique’, a space that aims to show guests the shopping experience of the future. This ‘smart retail’ prototype will preview the latest trends and technological developments that will improve consumers’ shopping experience.

It is a project that has been developed together with a group of technological companies (Admira, Idneo, Intel, Microsoft and Panasonic) with the support of La Roca Village.

This initiative coincides with the celebration of the Smart City Expo World Congress 2016 taking place in Barcelona, and is part of the Catalonia Smart Country Tour. La Roca Village has been one of the locations chosen by the organisation to announce technological developments.

Catalunya Smart Country Tour

Inside the Smart Boutique, guests will discover new features in the retail world, such as light ID, object analytics, video mapping, virtual fitting rooms or robotised virtual assistance.

Guests will be amazed by the window display, created to to awake the curiosity of customers and invite them to enter the space. The experience of the Smart Boutique begins with a welcome by a robot, who the guests and offers them personalised attention.

One of the main objectives of the future commerce is for buyers to access more information about products in real time. With a simple gesture, such as focusing the mobile to the product, the user will receive information of interest, such as price, features, type of fabric (if it is a textile garment) and available stock, among other details.

Smart Boutique en La Roca Village

Link Ray Light ID Solution
Panasonic presents for the first time in Europe the ‘LIGHT ID Solution’ for the retail sector, a technology that uses light as a communication media, in order to send content to the smartphone.

Smart Retail: technology adapted to the sector
The store of the future clearly bets on new technologies, as paper – when used as information support – is disappearing. For this reason, the visitor will browse the catalogue on-screen, making only one traditional movement: to turn a page.

The Smart Boutique mannequin does not wear clothes, instead clothes are projected over it. Queuing for fitting rooms becomes history in the stores of the future. Thanks to a screen located in the dressing room, the customer obtains all the information needed of their chosen product and also receives recommendations for similar pieces. Through the screen, it is even possible to call the boutique’s staff and ask for a different size or share your look with your friends on social networks.

The final stage in the path of purchasing items is with the Smart Boutique guest visiting an innovative photo booth. The guest tries their selected garment, takes several photographs that they receives on their mobile phone and then share with their friends.

Personalised attention is heightened with the use of the client’s social media profiles, which conditions the boutique to their taste – for example playing their favourite music  as they shop.

From 15 to 17 November, visit the first Smart Boutique prototype at La Roca Village and discover the shopping experience of the future

You will find the Smart Boutique at the unit 82, next to L'Occitane en Provence.

Smart Boutique

Come into the Smart Boutique