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Time to perfect your party selfie

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Get in, party season is officially here! And with all those invitations comes a multitude of photo opportunities, meaning you’re going to need to make sure your Insta-game is on point. After all, it’s the photographic evidence that lives on. With a few tips and tricks, you can become a pro in no time and look #flawless.

1. #Nofilter make-up

Make it look like you’re already wearing a filter with flawless skin, exaggerated brows and expert contouring, aka ‘Instagram make-up’. Moisturise and prime before applying foundation and concealer, then blend well. Highlight the tops of your cheekbones, forehead and Cupid’s bow, then contour your cheekbones, starting from your ears and ending in the middle of your cheeks. As it’s party season, a smoky eye or glitter lip is your go-to look.

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2. Find the light

Take your snaps before you head out at golden hour – that’s the hour before the sun sets, FYI. Not only is natural light super flattering due to its softness, but you’ll also look your best pre-party. Be sure to avoid camera flashes, as the brightness can totally wash you out. If you miss the moment outside, the disco ball – or in fact anything big that gives off light – is your new BFF. Bathroom mirror selfie, anyone?

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3. Strike a pose
For the most flattering angle, hold the camera so it’s slightly looking down on you, but not too high. Raise your eyebrows to show off your eye make-up and point your chin slightly down. For those who don’t like to look straight on, looking into the distance or down is your go-to. Candid snap anyone?

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4. The best apps and filters
Armed with the right tools (aka apps), you can make your snaps look just like the pros’. Snapseed can take out any unwanted shadows, VSCO is great for changing individual elements such as exposure and temperature, and for quick fixes Photoshop Express can do it all. That’s not even mentioning Instagram with its dreamy filters – we love Valencia for its soft, vintage glow and Mayfair, which brings light into the centre of the shot.

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