Once upon a time, there was the perfect guest


There once was a girl who had many occasions to attend – weddings, christenings, parties – and she always wore the same dress. When she could wear it no more, did she buy a new dress? No! She asked to borrow one from her friends! And that’s the end of the story…

You wear the latest trends every day, so why not for special celebrations too? This year, don’t dust off the same old dress: let yourself be inspired by the new trends of the season.

Princess dresses are more popular than ever this year, especially in an 80s style with tulle and ruffles as the main event, plus, of course, the classic princess line shape.

Complete your look with sparkling shoes like Cinderella’s. And, speaking of heels, let us give you some advice: use a pair of plastic protectors for the tips of your stilettos so you don’t get stuck in the grass.

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If you shy away from Disney-style magic then opt for one of this season’s colours instead: yellow, lavender or, in fact, any pastel colours.

Remember, when it comes to showing off the latest trends there are more than just dresses: the tube skirt can be combined with any top, especially one with fringe detail, and many more.

This season, accessories also come into play and you really must invest in them. Our advice: even if you fall madly in love with an accessory that’s perfect for your best friend’s wedding, don’t buy it first and then try to find a dress. It will be a very arduous task and in most cases will not pay off – always start with the dress.




You’ve almost finished your outfit, but what about your hairstyle? We won’t go into the cuts and trends of the season, but we don’t want to say goodbye without giving you this basic rule: if your dress is formal or ornate, your hair should be loose or in a simple ponytail or bun. If your dress is more simple, you have the freedom to experiment with an elaborate hairstyle.

So if you want to find everything you need this season, including the ideal dress and accessories to launch a season of celebrations, with impressive reductions too, La Roca Village is the place for you. Coach, Liu·Jo, Maje, Roberto Cavalli, Ted Baker and many more are waiting for their chance to help you become the party queen.