This autumn, La Roca Village hosts an installation from artist Eva Armisén

Ten endearing figures have arrived at La Roca Village, offering guests the chance to discover unique experiences and those everyday moments that fill us with happiness.

Cristina, Bruno, Marc and May are a group of friends who will be in the Village until 31 October 2016. They have not come alone, they are visiting with a group of happy dogs that the Village’s younger guests are sure to enjoy meeting: Rei, Pep, Cocó, Stella, Olivia and Jean Paul. Usually, they stand quietly in front of Café y Tapas, Andreu and the Tourist Information Centre, however, they sometimes like to move around to enjoy the boutiques and the services at La Roca Village. Follow their movements on the Village’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

How did they get there? What are they like? What do they dream and think about? Your imagination can complete the story…

We want to bring the art closer to you so you can live it as well. Visit the Village, interact and take photos with them – and, the most important thing, tell us about your experience!

Upload your images with our visitors on Instagram using #DestinationHappy and mentioning @LaRocaVillage for your chance to win one of the four sets of products illustrated by artist Eva Armisén. The most beautiful, happy and original four images will win the prize. Find the terms and conditions of the contest here.

Comparte tus imágenes

Lote de productos ilustrados por Eva Armisén

The images are indicatives, the illustrations of the products prize may vary.

When you make a minimum purchase of €150 in any of the Village boutiques, you will automatically be entered into the prize draw to win one of the sculptures of the dogs. Find the terms and conditions of the draw here.

Stella, Olivia y Jean Paul
Stella, Olivia and Jean Paul

Marc y May
Marc and May

Bruno y Cristina
Bruno and Cristina

Rei, Pep y Coco
Rei, Pep and Cocó

Eva Armisén is an artist from Zaragoza (Spain) who is renowned for her creations. Eva, who is currently living and working in Barcelona, has collaborated with some of the most renowned companies worldwide and her creations have been exhibited in the Gana Art Gallery (Seúl), CMAY Gallery (Los Angeles) and the Arte Periférica Gallery (Lisboa); she has also participated in various art fairs and exhibition groups. Her first semi-permanent exhibition was at Gana Art Park Museum (Seúl).

Through her art, Eva has the capacity to transform the everyday into a unique occasion, giving humour, honesty and loveliness, without inhibiting herself. She gives something that goes further than any definition; a confirmation of life that refuses any form of aggression.

In her work, the environment, context and colour are most important. In the environment lies the ingenuity; there are no extravagances, nor pain. As the artist says, her work “is a declaration of a permanent love” and talks about how women have a certainty, a disposition and an instinct that brings them to change the world in a certain moment.

Eva Armisén

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