Tick-tock... It's time for watches


It’s time to buy a present for your father, your boyfriend or a good male friend and your mind is blank.

It’s time to buy a present for your father or a good male friend and your mind is blank. Wine? Nope, you bought that last year. A book? You don’t know what he’d like. But don’t panic: we have the perfect solution for a great present within the reach of all budgets: a watch. And why not treat yourself to one too?

We usually choose timeless watches knowing full well that a good classical piece will never fail. However, this season’s trendsetters have chosen a dark-blue dial. Dark blue is right on-trend for this winter – especially when combined with black – and it’s moved into the world of watches too. Great watchmaking firms such as Montblanc or TAG Heuer have joined this trend, and even Fossil has brought out a dark-blue steel watch bracelet.


If you’re looking for an elegant, traditional and high-performance model – a textbook example of Swiss precision – Longines is your best ally. If German technology is the favourite for car design, when it comes to watches it’s clear that Swiss expertise prevails. We’re amazed by the latest version of the Longines Lindbergh watch, a navigational watch used by pilots before GPS existed. But any of the brand’s watches would be a winning gift. Discover them at Hour Passion in La Roca Village, where you can find Longines and many other brands.

Digital or analogue? Ignore those who say that digital watches are for casualwear or sport and check out Fossil’s smartwatches. For the geeks of the house!


If you can’t decide, don’t worry! There’s a hybrid option that combines the elegance of analogue watches with the accuracy of digital. 

You may lean towards one model or another depending on functionality (for special occasions or for everyday wear), wrist size (for thin wrists a dial with a diameter of around 40 mm is recommended), current trends (classic or modern) or purpose (if you want a watch that helps you in your daily activities, reminds you of your scheduled tasks or assists as you practise sports). But whatever your criteria, with a watch you are always guaranteed a gift ­– or an impulse purchase for yourself – that has personality.


You'll find the best watch brands like Calvin Klein watches + jewelry, Hamilton, Mido, RadoSwatch, Tissot, Watx and many more at La Roca Village.