Wedding guest style

Not an over-the-top hat in sight.

Soon-to-be brides and grooms without a trusty wedding planner, we salute you. If you’ve decided to brave the planning alone, you may already be regretting the decision. The flowers, the cake, the venue and, of course, the dress – it can all get a bit overwhelming no matter how many Pinterest boards you’ve got on tap. But where it really gets tricky is when your guests’ preferences are thrown into the mix (i.e. you have to decide what on earth to dress them in.)

Don’t panic, our foolproof guide will help you avoid those pre-wedding dress code dramas. You can thank us later.

Dress the best man

There’s a good chance the best man will feature heavily in the wedding album, so it’s important not to overlook him when making your style selections. A top-notch ensemble is a must – after all, he’s been chosen as the big day’s number-one wingman. Simple, clean lines and high-quality fabrics are always the way to go, while a three-piece is a timeless option that works in any colour, from classic grey right through to tweed. To finish off the look, a statement tie, pocket square and watch is an elegant alternative to patterned waistcoats and silk cravats. Dapper enough to look sharp, but restrained enough not to show up the groom, not that that’s possible.

Dress the maid of honour

Whether the big day is black tie, beachside or a simple garden party, there are always three things to remember when it comes to finding a frock befitting of your bestie – simplicity, simplicity and simplicity. With 90s-inspired minimalism back on trend, there are actually plenty of stylish options this season. There’ll be no room for romantic-comedy bridesmaid dress clichés, so select chic, modern silhouettes that your right-hand girl will actually want to wear.

Dress the mother-of-the-bride

When it comes to style, there should be a new term for the mother-of-the-bride. What was once maligned as matronly has had something of an image overhaul recently and it’s now definitely more than okay to step outside the (boring) box. Fashionable mums are leading the way, and like all good mothers do, striking the ultimate balance between keeping the best of old traditions (demure colour palettes and tailoring) and doing away with anything old hat (matchy-matchy ensembles that may or may not include an actual hat).

Dress the flower girls and page boys

The most beautiful might always be the bride, but the most adorable… that honour goes to the mini wedding guests! Who can resist the chance to spoil the cutest little members of your wedding party with a tiny fancy frock or miniature tailored suit? Once you’ve sorted your own looks, co-ordinate details with theirs in subtle ways – for example maybe the page boy’s pocket square matches the shade of the bridesmaid sashes, or if your dress has white beading, ensure the same delicate detail is featured on the flower girl’s shoes. Don’t forget matching accessories for that extra adorability factor – you won’t regret it.