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We want what she’s having.

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In need of a little wellness boost? We sat down with Silke Hajunga, the gorgeous model from our spring/summer shoot to talk yoga, clean eating and the natural beauty secrets she swears by. Let’s get started.

So tell us – what do you eat to stay looking so radiant?

I begin with a healthy breakfast – usually oats with banana, nuts and a drizzle of honey. I’ll then often snack on fruit before my lunch, which will be a huge salad with some protein or fish. I’m no vegan, I eat everything! In the evening, I always make sure I take the time to prepare a healthy dinner – Greek cuisine is one of my favourites.

To energise in between meals, I love a good juice shot. You can mix it up and have turmeric, orange and ginger, or my favourite, an apple and ginger blend. The apple sweetens it up and the ginger gives it a kick. Perfection.

On to workouts – with so much travel, do you find yourself trying out different classes in each city you visit?

Yes, I love working out! I’m currently doing a mix of kickboxing, swimming and yoga – but when I travel I always make an effort to try out different classes. Everywhere I go there is a new teacher or a fresh take on a classic class – sometimes they will have something specific to the culture, which I love. I also make sure I get tips on where to go from the locals, then you really get the most authentic travel experience.

What’s your preferred time of day to work out?

I always work out in the evenings. If I work out during the morning then I am worth nothing during the day! So yes, only evening sessions for me.

Noted! So, after your class, how do you recharge your batteries?

Movie night! I love thrillers, comedies and dramas at the moment actually. A little strange to relax with a good drama but it seems to work a treat.

Do you have any particular rituals to make you feel your best?

A beautiful cleanser is so crucial so my face feels clean – it’s a must for me when I’m travelling to remove my make-up properly.

Then I will always do some yoga before bed and stretch it all out! Favourite poses? for the Instagram pictures, it has to be tree pose (laughs), but the best stretch has to be the pigeon pose. Right before I go to bed, it is such a good hip opener!


Everywhere I go there is a new teacher or a fresh take on a classic class – sometimes they will have something specific to the culture, which I love.

Silka Hajunga

Now to beauty – do you have any all-natural skincare remedies we can create at home?

It’s going to sound really funny, but normally I never really use anything! I do love to moisturise though. I’ll wash my face with water and then pop a layer on top. When I visit my best friend in Spain, sometimes we run out of actual moisturiser so we use olive oil instead. It’s actually very nourishing for the skin and in the summer it gives you a really nice glow – plus it doesn’t have a scent like you would expect!

What about make-up?

Strobe cream down the cheekbones, the middle of the nose and chin, under the eyes and a little on the top lip. I learnt that tip being on shoots and it gives you a really nice glow so you’re always fresh. I also love eyebrow gel to make sure my thick brows are straight and defined.

Finally, this season we are all about living in the moment; how do you stay present?

Top tip for living in the moment – put down your phone and talk to people! Be social. Boom!

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